9ers WING @ Whippoorwill Club

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9:30 am


W.I.N.G Information

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Whippoorwill Club  -   Scramble format

The Women's Interclub Niners Golf (WING) group is looking forward to some fun- filled mornings of golf. This will be a great way to play different courses in the area and meet other golfers. Westchester Hills will have 4 golfers and 2 alternates on a first come basis for each event date.

~~~  Format of Play  ~~~

Players will be organized into teams with A, B, C, D players and if possible a club member on each team.

The Best Ball Tournaments allow each player to play the course as an individual and still record the best score for the team.

The Scramble tournaments will have all players on the same team tee off and then the team will decide which of the drives they think is best. From there each player will place their ball near that spot and continue this format until the ball is holed.

~~~  Entry Fee  ~~~


Includes breakfast, golf, and lunch

Will be billed to your Westchester Hills club account