We have been members for only a short time, but feel as though we've known everyone for a lifetime.  We look forward to participating in all that the club has to offer for many years to come!”


My wife Bonnie and I joined Westchester Hills Golf Club along with our 2 children almost 10 years ago.  We have made many good friends at The Hills and are very active at the club.  We enjoy all of the golf and social events.  Our nephew and his young family joined two years ago and Bonnie’s parents enjoy the vertical membership benefit.  There have been many physical improvements to the club over the years, but the warm “family like” atmosphere has always remained. 

- Stephen & Bonnie Carnavalla

"The corporate membership at Westchester Hills allows my team to entertain clients and grow business relationships. There is no better way to get to know someone than on the golf course. Westchester Hills treats us first class all the way. We couldn’t be happier with our choice."

  - Rich Timberger, Finklestein Timberger East Real Estate

I first joined Westchester Hills in 1973 so that qualifies me as one of the longest tenured members.   I consider Westchester Hills my home away from home.  When I am there, it's like having a second family.   Over the years, I have developed long lasting friendships with many members, and now find great pleasure in seeing their children enjoying our club as members themselves.  

I have spent countless hours at the club honing my short game.   As people pass, I often hear them whisper: "he's always practicing!"  I do practice a lot!   However,  when we are on the golf course, it's not just about the score, but it's about having fun and laughs.  Now if they'd only allow me to use the senior tees!! 

In all my years as a member at the Hills, there have been many changes to the golf course, the clubhouse, and the pool area, as well as the addition of a fitness room and a performance center ( my favorite).    Westchester Hills truly looks beautiful!  With all these wonderful changes, the one thing that has remained constant is the warmth and friendliness of our members and staff. 

I was once asked:  "Spider, if you won the lottery, would you quit the Hills and join Winged Foot perhaps?"  My answer was:  "Why would I?"  I think that says it all.   Nothing could compare to the overall good feeling and camaraderie we feel as members of Westchester Hills.  

- John Ambrose